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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
no thanks.

the 1M was built purely out of enthusiasm----not some suits sitting around calling the shots.

the original N55 M2 was literally a copycat formula of the 1M but built after way more testing, development, and decision making by BMW. It might have been developed more; but that's not necessarily a plus point.
I know the idea of the M staff secretly working on the 1M is a great story, but the 1M is better than the M2, because the E82 is a better foundation to build on, not because it was developed in only two weeks when the manager was away. Imagine if they had a month!

If the 1M was perfect to everyone out of the box, 1M owners wouldn't be getting tunes, exhaust, suspension, etc., and these C and CS models just represent BMW's attempt to fill in some of those gaps. I personally think it would have been cool to see a 1MC with an M division engine and some other upgrades.

It's certainly a slippery slope. Everyone claimed the 987.2 Cayman S was just about perfect, and then Porsche released the Cayman R, and then it was just about perfect. Porsche has been doing this for decades, and BMW is following suit.

Again, I personally have no interest in the M2 or any of its variants, but if I had up to $100k to spend (I don't!!!) on something new, and I wanted a small coupe with a real backseat, the M2 series is still kind of the only game in town, so may as well get the best one! Of course, if BMW makes an M2 GTS, that would be a tougher sell, because then you're doing things like removing the backseat for a cage at an even higher price, and, if I don't get a backseat, I'd probably start thinking Porsche at those prices (which is likely why the M4 GTS doesn't sell.)