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Originally Posted by duder13 View Post
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the pushback is that they keep introducing a better version of the M2----and at $85k its very hard to defend the 'baby M car' anymore.

I respect the whole M2 range, but it never had that singular vision like the 1M did.

It's like the explorer that wanted to climb a mountain and prepared for it; but got distracted by some smaller hills along the way and then climbed the mountain next to the one he wanted to climb...
While I certainly prefer the E82, like everyone here, I don't think the M2 had a less singular vision than the least until the M2C. The 1M was still kind of a slapped together car at the last minute, and BMW certainly could have improved on it with later variants. I think it would have been awesome if BMW would have made a 1M C, 1M CS, etc.