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Originally Posted by arrutled View Post
I took It to a guy to get some other work done(olde time service on memorial drive in chicopee) who says that had put an exhaust on a 1er? was that you ML?
That was my car! He chickened out when it came to cutting the resonator out, so it came home with the axle-back section only. I've never met Brian but I have a friend that uses Olde Time for a lot of general service work on commercial/trade vehicles. My friend has always has always dropped my car off there for me on his way to work. Brian used to do a fair amount of tire service work, but got burned about a year ago on a Pathfinder (I think) that came in with a wheel fused to the hub. He ended up eating quite a bit of money on it. He seems to have started farming out the tire work since then.

Sorry about your new rims. Had I kept my car, I would have been putting those on my car, too.

Also, I have had good luck with City Tire on Memorial in Chicopee and in Westside for general tire service. The manager there keeps a good eye on guys in the bays and knows his stuff. There's a very good alignment shop in Springfield. Drop me a PM if you ever need their number.

Originally Posted by Rachel View Post
You need to not live so far from civilization, so you have better luck with shops!! Poor rims....
Hey! It's not like we're stuck in Appalachia around Springfield. That's like 10 miles west of here.
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