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Magnaflow 1M Exhaust Full Review

I had been looking for a full exhaust solution for some time and could not justify the cost of the more expensive systems because being that the 1M shares the down pipes and mid pipes with the n54 135 there were many cost effective options there so the final part was the axle back portion. As we all know there isn't much power in that portion so it is mostly for sound and look. I already had the Berk mid pipes installed but still the stock down pipes for now, haven't picked which ones I want yet, but those will come soon.

So onto the Magnaflow.

Product Quality
The exhaust is well built, full stainless steel and everything seems to hold well. I have a Magnaflow on my R32 as well that I love which is one of the reasons I also went with the Magnaflow on this car. While the product is great the shipping is HORRIBLE!! It is like they threw the exhaust in a box with one piece of packing material. When mine arrived the box was punctured with by a part of the exhaust. Thankfully it was one of the middle portions that slipped into the rear portion and not the tips or something. I easily fixed the slight bend in the outlet and it fit with no problems. But seriously Magnaflow needs to package products better.

Comparing the system to other higher end ones you can see the high end ones have a better finish to them, cleaner welds, etc. But I don't plan on living under my car or showing it so I'm fine with the Magnaflow since functionally the welds and everything work.

As expected the exhaust fit great, once the old one was out it was just a matter of minutes to get the new one it. Hangers lined up perfectly. Since the exhaust is two parts you have a little bit to adjust of how far in/out you want the tips since you can move the exhaust and then tighten the clamp supplied to just the way you like it. For this part just get two friends to hold up the exhaust and adjust while you look at it and pick where you want it.

I love the look of the tips, they have a little more aggressive look than stock due to angles, larger diameter tips and they are nice and shiny (for now, need to make sure I keep them clean).

For those of you that were following the thread you will see that there was one person that received their exhaust before me and posted that it was quieter than stock and the car lost some character. Having read that I really wasn't expecting much from the system and was debating not installing it at all.
After installing it and starting it in on the lift it was not much volume difference from the stock, which I expected. However, after driving it for about 200 miles the system has opened up beyond belief. It sounds great now. The system sounds great now and the tone is even deeper and louder than stock.

I highly recommend this system again the only downside being the packaging of it, but should you get a damaged one Magnaflow is good about replacing it. So once you have a good system in your hands it is all uphill from there. Install should take you about 30 minutes or so if you know what you are doing. Make sure you give the exhaust some time to settle in and you will be very happy.

The system is a little heavier than stock and I didn't feel any notable power gains, but then again I didn't expect much from it.

Pics and videos are soon to follow.