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Originally Posted by techietaichi View Post
People in general or at least "go getters", competitive types, and "Alphas", prefer to be first. Hey, we just like winning! Aside from that though, we as humans also fondly or not remember our "first time" or "first one's" as later on in life those things take us back in time and I don't know about you, but things like that always manage to put a smile on my face. I know you've heard it before from somebody, anybody, "I remember the first time when....". Well, as BMW enthusiasts I know everyone remembers the first "Beemer" or Bimmer" they had and unless you lived where everyone but God had one, just having a BMW, beat up or not, indelibly made you "The Man" amongst your crowd.

Well, that being said, I'll start this thread with the first Beemer I ever owned and invite all of you to share your fond memories and/or stories of the car that set your BMW infatuation into motion!

In '96 after 3 tours in the Army(9 yrs), I decided that it was time for me to head back to the civilian world. Uncle Sam at the time decided that "downsizing" was necessary and to coerce some people out, was offering severance pay and a few years more of additional benefits to say, "Adios!". Well, I took that offer. They handed me 20G's and I bought this '82 320i for 4K. A buddy of mine who'd come from Germany brought this car back with him and like us was an enthusiast and what do most enthusiast do to their cars? Mod it! For the time, this baby was tuned and in the first week that I had it damn near got thrown in the can for wreckless driving, but managed to get just a speeding ticket for being a veteran. I was just coming down from around 120 on I70 just north of Manhattan, KS, give or take a few mph when that Kansas trooper busted my ass. Damn I miss this car. Good times!
I love this thread and the OP's story! My first was an '84 318i -- seems like many of us started with the 3

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