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I remember this from when I had a mini - didn't need it as I had a full alarm. However, my 135i vert does not have an alarm, nor is it prewired so I want to turn the clown nose on - which is similar to what was done with the mini (there the blinking LED is on top of the tach)... Anyone know if this will work? I have to resurrect all my NCS stuff so I can't just try it any time soon....

Okay, I can now confirm that it is possible to use NCS Expert to enable the blinking alarm light - even you don't have the alarm system!

All you have to do is modify one setting in the KOMBI and SPEG modules. The initial setting will be:

Change this setting in both modules to read:

For reference, DWA_VERBAUT = "Diebstahlwarnanlage Verbaut" = "Theft Alarm Installed".

Code those changes, and that's it - the light on the tach will blink when the car is locked using the remote. Opening a door or the hatch will cause the hazard lights to flash, but there's no audible alarm (unless you have the siren installed). There appear to be settings to enable flashing the headlamps as well, but I have not tried those - I figure the blinking light will be a sufficient deterrent to keep anyone from trying to break-in in the first place.