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Originally Posted by MikeinAlexandria View Post
So I have some coding updates!
Using NCS Dummy, which is a helper companion tool to NCSExpert, I was able to disassemble the module programming for an X5's Idrive, and enable Video in Motion! For my own car, I successfully tuned the DRLs so I have angel eyes alone in front and nothing at all in back. Looks good. Also increased the angel eye brightness in DRL mode.

Next little projects...
- Change auto turn signal from three to five blinks (also needs a disassembly).
- Change brightness of lights when using the ParkLicht function (this illuminates one side of the car to mark your position on the side of the road, I want to reduce the brightness of the taillight, and use the side marker as the front marker, and turn off the angel eyes).
- Change angel eye brightness at night to be a little more white, when Xenons are on.
- access radio settings using the Can-Most gateway. Would love to have weather and working.

Coding does take a fair amount of research, but once you get going, it is good fun and not really that difficult.
Please tell me more about NCS Dummy! I've become accustomed to NCS Expert and made many coding changes to my car, including retrofitting HID headlights. But, I'd love to dig deeper and this is the first I'm learning of NCS Dummy, though I've heard the name thrown around a few times.
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