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Originally Posted by ezeedee View Post
what people have done about the e-LSD. does it get disabled?
It is not necessary to disable it.
The system remains active, but does not cause any problems.

Originally Posted by The1 View Post
you won't get enough slip for it to come into play.
Not entirely true (see below).

Originally Posted by sluflyer06 View Post
Without the e-lsd active my car started spinning tires like a madman in 1st and 2nd gear, I was astonished at how active that system must be on a regular basis
This is the true difference between a mechanical open differential (lighting up inside tires all the time) and the electronically assisted ones in our car. The assist really works.

which I'm sure isn't good for acceleration since its applying the brakes.
Just stating the obvious here, but it improves acceleration compared to an open diff of course. Also, "applying the brakes" is 100% correct, but doesn't tell the whole story. The system applies *some* brake to the wheel that would otherwise be spinning.

Originally Posted by fboutlaw View Post
Ran Laguna Seca in the rain last weekend without having the e-diff kick on at any point.
Incorrect. The "e-diff" kicked in all the time. You just didn't notice

Attached is an example of my car (Quaife LSD) from a recent autocross.
Light blue line is left (inside) rear brake pressure, dark blue is right (outside) rear brake pressure.
Green is throttle, red is brake pedal.

Still a lot of myth and misconceptions around the system...

Bottom line for this thread. You don't need to code it out. It's fine.
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