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Originally Posted by The_Druc View Post
I didn't see your recommendation before I had to pick up something, anything, to mount the phone. I also got a vent mount, an iOttie. I like how it's positioned relative to my line of sight and I can comfortably access all the radio controls (mainly the volume knob). However the weight of the phone pulls the vents down and I'm concerned about eventually snapping one of them.
Have you had any issues with yours?
We have the same mount on all three of our cars, and haven't had any problems at all. On the 135, I put the mount in the bottom left of the passenger vent, so it has support from the bottom of the vent bracket, and doesn't put much weight on the vents at all. I will take a picture later and put it up.

First world problems here - but I also like the fact that you can open the jaws before you put it on or take it off, so it doesn't make a shiny spot on the vents like the push on type.[IMG][/IMG]
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