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1M Coupe VR38DETT (Nissan GTR) engine swap?

I know it seems outrageous and almost Rediculous but, I must as this question of those more knowledgeable than I.

I've seen a number of videos on YouTube of Nissan GTRs thrashing the upper echelon of supercars (Some after a remap and a little fettling) and it got me wondering. If a GM LS engine, Toyota 2J and R34 Skyline engine can be loaded into an E30 3-Series...

Is it possible to swap a VR38DETT (Nissan GTR) engine into a 1 series?

If so (bearing in mind the GTR is a 4WD car) what would I need, besides the engine of course, how much could it cost and who would be barmy enough to carry it out?

Thank you all for reading.