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Originally Posted by mattlolol View Post
I'm thinking the same thing. I got prices for the 1m battery tray and heat shield (ecs wanted $216 to ship the heat shield though, turner motorsport was cheaper at around $76.)

Is the washer tank in the 1m used for the lights as well?

Also how do you plan on going about the side skirts?

EDIT: Just thought I would actually see what the price would be for the 1m kit
For just the front bumper, bumper grill and l/r wings = 1899.14 (was around $980 for the items and ~$918 for shipping)
For the f/r bumper, l/r wings, diffuser, bumper front grill and l/r rocker cover =$3176.10 (the rear bumper carrier would be needed as well... or you could just weld the extra exhaust hanger on it)

Who's keen?
I'd love to but I need to save money for my M3 rear end conversion