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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post

i get

Total: $1532.84

front bumper, fenders L/R, side skirts L/R (5 pc total)

Sub Total: 1258.83
Shipping and Handling: 274.01
Total: $1532.84

shipped to 4014, brisbane.

i think that's INCREDIBLY reasonable.

ED: added the grill.. no more shipping fee, just the $55 price tag

ED2: yeah how are you guys getting so much shipping?

postcode 4000/3000/2000 all have the same $274 price for shipping for me?

i assume by 'wings' you mean the fenders?

if i add 'rear bumper' it takes it to $1723 in parts, and won't calculate me shipping automatically haha

after i manage to get my engine in... i'd be pretty keen for the front end haha... i've purchased kits around the same price before that were absolutely terrible and not OEM at all :P
I was getting a quote to 4000 and that was pretty much the whole 1m kit front bar, bumper grill, l/r guards, l/r side skirts, rear bumper and the rear quad diffuser. The quad diffuser was the most expensive item at around high 500s to 600s. Oh were you using AUS dollars? that might have changed it a little?