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Originally Posted by smoosh View Post
Okay, this is a serious question...

Sex without condoms is natural. A few chicks I've been with in the past had IUDs so we had sex w/o condoms. They all said they enjoy it much more because it's natural and feels right...even said they enjoy the male orgasm part deep inside, if you know what I mean


Do women enjoy getting filled up after sex? (Assuming she knows the dude and she allows him to)
In for the kill!!

I've had random sex like twice in my life and with them naturally protection had to be worn but with my other partners, I seriously couldn't stand the idea of being separated. To some of us sex is personal and that involves the trust aspects.
Originally Posted by smoosh View Post
So girls like being finger popped in their buttholes
Yes. In for the kill.
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You gonna die
That's why you're on my friend list.
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HAH!! Already died years ago

*awkward moment*



I have this friend who has serious control issues. She has a thing of popping the guys cherries. Apparently a finger will do to set you off like a fountain does.

Im sure she only uses her skills for the good of mankind.
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You're still a little new here, so I'll let you in on a little secret. Whenever Lups types gibberish, this is an opportunity for you to imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be.
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How would you know this? Did mommy catch you jerking off to some Big Foot porn ?