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I don't think you need to convert it back to reinstall the songs, just add the .wmv files to your usb drive or idrive. You could also play them on any Windows computer and some other OS's with a little help.

No need to drop the songs one a time, it would have been way easier (assuming you know how to script in Windows) to script it.

For example something like this should work, this will recursively look for br5 files in the %Folder%. Copy and past the code below into a file named bmwcnv.bat, change the C:\Users\WinUser\Downloads to the location of your br5 files, also update the %BMWCONV% setting to point to the location of the bmwconv.exe, then just double click the bmwcnv.bat file:

@Echo Off
set "Folder=C:\Users\WinUser\Downloads"
set "BMWCONV=C:\Users\WinUser\bmwconv.exe"
echo "Starting in folder %Folder%"
cd %Folder%
For /r %%a In (*.br5) Do (
echo "Converting %%a"
call %BMWCONV% %%a