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Originally Posted by CP911 View Post
I am skeptical about reliability and quality. The exhaust temps on this base Stingray are as high as the current ZR1, according to Chevy. How is this thing not supposed to heat soak during a track day in hotter weather? All for the sake of having rear storage for the targa tops or golf bags instead of additional heat dissipation at the rear. Are their engineers that good that they were able to work around this? It has been described as a "packaging miracle," but there are no free lunches in the world of engineering. Where have other compromises been made?

The interior is gross, yet again. Higher quality materials and less plastic - sounds great, but what about the claustrophobic seating arrangement with what seems like an even taller "wall" between the driver and passenger seats closing you in? And the crooked auxiliary tablet thingy just to the right of the steering wheel and the equally unsightly "spine" made of black plastic buttons? At least Porsche can disguise their buttons a bit better and not have them be a focal point of the interior space. A square steering wheel that would suck to live with on a daily basis... no, thank you. I'll take my steering wheel round and functional all day over this gimmicky thing. Porsche and BMW still do round wheels for a reason! The seats look legit in terms of lateral support, but that's the only appealing thing I can come up with for this interior.

Styling is subjective, but the front and rear look too much like the C7 for me to be excited. I just see this car as a mid-engined version of what Chevy already had, which, again, scares me from a potential reliability and serviceability nightmare perspective. The side scoops look cool, but the fact that they are also a part of the door makes me wonder how much they'll stick out and how easy it will be to bash them into my garage walls, parked cars, etc.

I will reserve final judgment for when real owners start providing feedback on track day performance, real world reliability, livability, etc. For now, I just see it as a car that has a lot to prove before I can jump on the "supercar for Supra money" bandwagon.

i'd pick this car over your 240 and i haven't even googled it yet.