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Typical and most used speed trap in Germany and neighboring countries.
The 1st photo shows one unit of the light barrier in the foreground, the other unit is one the other side of the highway, completing the light barrier. In the background are the flashes (2) and cameras (2):

2 flashes and 2 cameras:

Head unit, as one can see this is near Cottbus, former east Germany. But in terms of cashing in on traffic the east german states have caught up pretty quick;-)

Those light barriers have the upside for the municipalities or states (Autobahn speed traps are operated by the state they're located in) that there's NO countermeasures that could detect them! unlike laser or radar the light barriers do not emit anything that could warn approaching traffic. There is also radar and laser in use on the Autobahn, the state routes (Bundesstrasse) or local city roads, but light barrier based systems are the most common since the use of laser jammers and radar detectors has gone up, even though stiff penalties are imposed if a driver is caught with them.
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