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Originally Posted by wmo168 View Post
Johannesburg? Wow is it safe to drive a new bimmer there? I saw on TV that alot of car jacking and stuff in the city....

You got body guard? Insurance must be expensive there......... I never been there and it sound like a special place..............
... Of course it is!! Car jacking is everywhere, and is no more prevalent here than in any other part of the world. As with all places... there are some places you do not go... and you will be fine!
No body guard at all... actually don't know of anyone that does... except for the president.
Insurance isn't expensive.
It is a special place... wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
Gets a bad reputation from the media... but people only focus on the 5% bad rather than the 95% GOOD.

South Africa is, and will always be my home...