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Winter Tires Installed - But....

I just installed four 17x8 Elbrus I08's with Dunlop SP Winter Sport M3- 215/45R-17.

I put them on Wed afternoon and thought everything was going to be great. I love the look, the ride felt really good, but then I accelerated to try to pass someone on the highway. The car started to wiggle back and forth and took more """skill/effort""" then I would have like to make an easy pass. I did it a couple more times in the past few days and the same thing happened. So the genius in me ruled out the wind.

This is my first rear wheel drive car with snows on it. I know the tires are softer, but I've never experienced anything like on my front or awd cars with snows.

Any ideas?

Also, what PSI should I be running, maybe I have it too low ?