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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Are your tires brand new? You do realize that any tire needs a few hundred miles for them to burn off the release mold gel or grease off them. Wait until you have driven the tires for a few hundred miles.

I run 205/50HR17's RFTs on 7jx17's for my winter package. You can get the rear end to wag some in the first two gears... but its not that bad. But there ARE winter tires and you really should not be going WOT with them! I only go WOT at highway speeds >50mph and on up.
They are brand new... but they do have about 200+ miles since I started this thread. My first two gears are fine I don't feel an issue with it. I am talking about highway speeds, 4 gear WOT. It's challenging just to keep the car straight, let alone trying to make a lane change.

I've had winters on a Mini Copper S and my two STi's -- never felt anything like this...guess it's the smaller rubber on the rear wheels that I'm feeling.

I think I might try to experiment with air pressures and see what happens.