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Originally Posted by tHegeRm View Post
Yeah, been outta business for about a year now. Got lots of heat here on the forum with people who pre-ordered and waited months. I don't think they could stand all the heat they were taking here from users. Were located in Florida, I heard rumors about someone buying their molds however never saw any more parts after that...
Wow! I had no idea that happened. How unfortunate for everyone involved in that deal.

Originally Posted by Henry_ME109 View Post
I get my hood delivered this Monday Nov.4
I got a ball park estimate for the paint and install professionally for $700 and that is with the aerolatch install that will be CF.
I think leaving the hood CF. Takes away from what a BMW is.. (class)
Not a "too fast too furious boy"
$700? That seems crazy for an install and paint. Does it include the pins as well? At over $1500, I'm not sure I think it's worth it anymore.