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Originally Posted by flinchy
Originally Posted by 135iMike View Post
You guys are cray for spraying them with the wheels on the car.. I don't see how that would be 'easier' or even save any time. Though from what everyone is saying they came out great (I can't see the pics!)..

I'll be spraying my winter set this weekend.

$40 a can!? Yikes. haha.

As far as durability - I only have a year as a reference, but I've seen a pal's last flawlessly for that long through many washes and miles. More than enough considering you can just peel and paint again!
thought i'd add mine to this thread since i just finished (save making a new one too):

$26/can shipped ($104 shipped for 4) blaze orange.. it took one can per DECENT coat, for all 4 wheels, did 3 coats, have a can left over for touchups in a few days (if the tire change causes any damage).. or if i feel like doing my mirror caps :P

narrow angle because the center caps are all sprayed over (replacing them on tuesday, new tires too)

did them on the car, 4 shopping bag covering the calipers and rotors, 4 bits of cardboard covering the overspray on the body:

it's not a PERFECT finish, but for the 1/4 cost of a powdercoat and not having to take them off the car.....:

love the colour, definitely going to get my next set powdercoated orange
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