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If you're not at fault, I don't see how they can actually decline your claim... I understand your frustration. I'd so do as bmroxm5 says and just get your repairer to go directly through the other party's insurance company.

About NRMA... I had an issue with NRMA (my insurer) one time where a truck ran into me whilst I was overtaking because he tried to turn left from the right lane when he changed his mind about which way he was going. He was clearly at fault but when I put in the claim, NRMA tried to make it out as if I was in the wrong for overtaking the truck... Even though I had evidence such as GPS photos of the intersection, photos of the truck, and I even copied and pasted the legislation saying that only trucks over a certain length AND displaying "Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle" signs were allowed to turn from the right lane IF they indicated they were turning left.

I paid the excess up front to get my car repaired and it took 6 months and the threat of making a complaint before anyone from NRMA got off their ass and just called up the truck driver to ask him if he had plates displayed....

Needless to say I went with GIO for the next couple years. I only went back to NRMA this year because it was like $800