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From my Stelvio thread... I thought this tire question was better answered here:

Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
sorry will ask few offtopic q's about tires what you can tell about their longlivity and grip on the wet? With stock RF's I can't floor 3'rd gear on oem software that makes me nervous and think very bad things about car stability.

Get a set of Michelin PS2's/PS3's or PSS and you will not have to worry about spinning the rear tires. They will just grip like mad. Yea... you will find situations when you can spin the rear tires... but not like with RFT's. Espcially in the cold temps.. the Michelins are the way better tire(choice).

With my Dunlap RFT's, I never really felt that they were unsafe. You did get the rear tires to "light up" at times... They also made the rear of the car bounce and skip and hop over bad uneven road surfaces. All (well 90%) of that is gne with the PS3's. When you felt the rear end "fish tail" or wander under hard accell(with RFT's)... but I attributed that to more of a polished road surface(high traffic) and wet conditions we often have here in Germany. Yea... with the PS3's even though they are much wider... the have A LOT more grip. With factory SW... you will find it hard to break the rear wheels loose. But with a tune - you can spin the rear tires very easy. At least with my 380 PS, 510Nm SW flash tune... the rear end is really playfull with the throttle in the first three gears. It is really quite controllable though. Nothing dangerous - the tail will just "wag" back and forth under hard accell.

What I really like about the Michelin PS3's is how much more grip they have! Tons and tons more. Even in the wet(!)... they grip like crazy. I will buy them again.

As for how long they will last... well... I bought these PS3's at the end of March. I have put about 27K kms on them so far. They came with almost 9mm of thread new. Now my fronts have 6mm's of tire thread, while teh rears only have about 2mm's. I probably could have gone further on them... but I drive really fast at times (270 to 280 kph!) and I like to have fun with the car in the turns. I never abuse the car or do power slides. I mostly drive with the DSC on. But I do like to "rotate the car" with the throttle going thru the turns. Driving to Stelvio probably cut short(off) a few thousand kms off the tires too. I had so much fun going up that damm mountain pass! I think in the states a person could get 30 to 35kms on a set easy. It also did not help my PS3's tire life that two months after buying them I got a SW flash tune and also went to the Ring.

I think I got about 18Km out of my OE Dunlap RFT's. While the rears were shot, the fornts had plenty of thread (5+mm's) but the front tires were shot too bc they made all sorts of noises (tire cupping).

Even with my rear 255's tres at only 2mm thread left (German law says you need at least 1.2mm - I believe) even in the rain they STILL grip like mad. I don't drive fast in teh rain right now. In a few days I will mount my snow tires anyway... but damm these tires are good. I will probably buy a set of PSS from TireRack over the winter. I am sold on Michelin's now. When the time comes for new snow tires next year... I think I will buy a set of Michelin Alpine's too!