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Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post
Powerful post irishbimmer. Recorded history is barely understood by those who wrote it. Earth history is little known to us naked apes who only recently (recently?) learned awareness.

Off the coast of british columbia there is (proven) evidence of rock walls built by n8vs who's purpose was to hold in tide waters that would create beds of clams and muscles for them to harvest. These signs of human habitation currently reside 150 feet under todays current sea water levels.

Look it up. Its real.

This planet goes through changes. Who r we to think this is how it is and will be for ever and ever amen.
For sure the planet goes through changes-i once lived in upsate new York and found fossil rocks with prehistoric plants and animals from when it was an inland sea. However, those changes took place over many thousands of years while the changes that appear to have started for us will be much more rapidly compressed. I think. Probably a god idea to do what we can, instead of debating if its real or not-just my opinion although I drive a gaz guzzling 575 hp car and contribute my share to the problem!