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Originally Posted by adc100 View Post
That's another "fact" taken out of context and from historical global information...we "should be entering a cooling mode" You can research that..I doubt you will. But nice try.

arkie6 Go back to reading the bs put out by Heartland Institute. I won't ask to you to educate your self with facts by peer reviewed science articles. I just told my glass of ice tea to do that..same result as telling you. Also you didn't bother reading my previous explanation as to why sea ice is increasing..what a surprise. You would make a great agricultural "cherry picker"
Scheesch..the problem with arguing with deniers is that they don't even know when they have had their ass handed to them..It really spoils the fun for me

Like I said..The ice is melting and the oceans are warming. On the happy side for you guys. Nothing can really be done no matter what mankind does. Its really to late. Its like trying to stop an 80mph 200 coal car freight train coming down from the Rocky Mountains in the length of a large Walmart parking lot...Impossible.

These M.M.G.W arguments resemble a bunch of monkeys trying to fck a football.

I'm not sure what you're saying but this is what I was talking about....

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