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Originally Posted by oldBMWguy View Post
I also had the "drone" from 2200-3000 that was driving me up the wall. I installed the N55 midpipe [with no other changes] in Feb. It made a BIG difference in mine. I would say it took care of about 80% of the problem. It is pretty well gone [ie --very low between 2000 and 2750 rpm's]. Between 2750 and 3000 there is still drone under light load, but the sound is different, and "better" [ie-- more like a power sound]. I "think" it feels like more power is there [but that may be just wanting it!] The sound is better for sure. Overall I am very satified with the change .

.. PS: love your Country-- was there two years ago for three weeks.
Other than the reduced drone how would you describe the sound:
1. on startup
2. throughout the RPM range
3. on throttle
4. lifting off the gas