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Originally Posted by mclemens View Post
Has anyone done a brake upgrade to a Stop-Tech or Brembo kit? If you did what has been your experience with the upgrade? Do you do just the front or both the front and rear?

Did anyone put the Stop-Tech 380mm kit on with 18 inch wheels? It's my understanding that the Stop-Tech 380mm kit will fit with Apex ARC-8 18x10 wheels but the Brembo 380mm kit won't fit. Can anyone confirm this?

I don't have any experience with any of the BBKs and suggest you check the E9x M3 message boards for info.

FWIW, I've added brake cooling to my front brakes. Along with stainless steel brake lines, good brake fluid and titanium shims, I'm very happy with my brakes.

If I were to upgrade, I'd keep the calipers and go with the Performance Friction direct drive rotors -- a true floating rotor design.

Should also have mentioned that I run PFC-08 or 01 pads