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Originally Posted by froop View Post
I think I just need parts. A tank, a pump mount, long enough lines to run from the trunk to the engine bay etc. Also I need the knowhow for where to put everything haha.
Been doing a bit of research on this and decided to stay with WW setup for a bit longer. After tuning the car to run of 50% E85 I am unsure if meth will be needed in a year or so. And running the WW setup with 35% meth is safe and 49% if very safe if you check for leaks. Run a higher concentration at WSID etc.

If you are set on running a tank setup best thing is to convert the push in fitting to compression, run braided lines next to the fuel lines. A small 1 gallon plastic tank and the pump near the battery with compression fittings is probably best.

My main issue is with trunk tanks the tank is vented and meth fumes can escape into the cabin.