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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I don't understand why no one has made a brake caliper adapter to mount decent Brembos to our 1er's! You would think someone would have come out with a "poor mans" BBK by now. I think using some used Porsche Brembo's and metal adaptor and some off the shelf //M rotors would be the ticket! Such a simple request but no one seems to offer us a low budget big brake kit package.
I was talking with diesel boost he is from Russia. And those adapters are for our 135i brakes to fit M3 e46 motorsport edition rotors and pads. Only problem that you losing ability to fit 17 inch winter wheels and even not all 18 inch wheels will fit on them. Price of adapters if I remember well 8000 rubles you can convert them online it would be something around 200 euro w/o shipping. BTW he mentioned that local pick up is possible, not sure do they ship at all.