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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
True, but remember the E82 (and E88) didn't actually arrive on the scene until 2007. So, 2014 is actually right inline with the usual 7 year BMW model cycle.

Previously there had been some suggestion that the F22 might cut that short, and that BMW would move its release closer to that of the product that debuted the platform, much like how it is done with the 3/4 and 5/6. I.e., it would debut next early year, just prior to the F32, similar to the way the F20 debuted just prior to the F30. However, the lack of any F22 mules to speak of had already cast a lot of doubt on this happening. And the release of this new 135is model just makes it even more unlikely.
I remember reading on these forums about the possibility of cutting the current 1er production timeline short to replace it with the next model, but much as you have said I think that BMWAG would be very smart to keep their normal timeline for the 1er and drag the new F30/F31/F32 out as long as possible with the upcoming Olympics (which they have hudreds of millions invested in). I think this 135is was the nail in the coffin for those of us hoping for an early 1er release
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