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Originally Posted by Mahlzeit View Post
Interested in KWs,... How was install? Impressions??
had some help with the install, went well though. fitment was very good.

adjustability is very easy, you can get to the compression adjustments on the front and rear without taking the wheels off and the dials are very convinient. the rebound adjustment is obviously very easy in the front, but having to pull the trunk liner (which i can never get to fit exactly right after removing) is a PITA in the back.

Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
What are the spring rates?

Personally it all depends on you. I know people that run DAs on full soft rebound and compression for DD'ing and then turn up the clicks for autox.
they are progressive rates

thanks. i figured out some good settings for the street and probably wont change them for the track.

Rebound - 5 clicks from hard in the front / 6 clicks in the back
Compression - 6 clicks in the front, 8 in the back

Ride height - .5 inch drop in the front, .5 inch in the back. Very minimal but sort of noticeable. I did this mod for better handling, not for looks. I love the OEM 1M look

Overall, recommended AS LONG AS you dont run them too low. I previously had them about a half inch lower in the front and rear and the ride was a little too busy for my liking. Once i raised them, the ride improved noticeably.