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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
What happened to your Ohlins order?
after the numerous delays, and a great offer on the v3 from sonic MS, i decided to use the extra savings from going with the cheaper KW kit to add an FMIC and an Etune from pro tuning freaks.

i will be sending you an email soon, i am trying to prep my car for the track this summer (5 events already scheduled through june) and am considering oil cooling options and the appropriate brake pads to use. i would like your expertise on the matter.

Originally Posted by EIN M View Post
Did you ever get an answer on this? I am having the good folks at VORSHLAG install a set of KW v3 along with 10mm spacers all around on my 1M today. These guys are real pros so I left it up to them to set up for DD with a tolerance for a moderatly stiff ride but a more aggresive drop (1.75/.75).
i messed with it myself, it is very easy to change the settings. really, no work has to be done to change 3 of the 4 settings. the compression can be set with the wheels on and the car on the ground on the front and back. the rebound is easy in the front, but requires the trunk carpet to be removed in the back which i hate doing because i never can get it to line up exactly right again...

see settings listing below

Originally Posted by ///1M View Post
How is the commute / DD with the new setup vs stock?
its pretty good, not really that different. really it is more firm, and has less suspension travel. so it basically is equally as comfortable, just has a different feel. and i am VERY sensitive to this type of thing, and hate a bad ride on the street.

my settings are as follows

Front rebound - 5 clicks from full hard
Rear rebound - 7 clicks from full hard
Front Compression - 8 clicks from full hard
Rear Compression - 9 clicks from full hard

Feels good, the firmer rebound actually makes the car much more stable and less susceptible to bounce.

I plan to experiment with lowering the front and rear one more full turn to see how that feels.

My first track day with this setup is tomorrow, so these adjustments will NOT be made prior to that. I will update this thread on my thoughts.

I have one track day on the same tires with stock suspension, so it should be a good comparison, although it is on a different track.