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My first BMW was a brand new 1988 E30 M3.

Between 1974 and 1988 I had a number of mostly Datsun/Nissan 260/280/300ZX's with a Mazda RX7 in there somewhere. In 1988 my 1985 300ZX Turbo (with intercooler and running about 10-12 psi boost) was ready for replacement. By 1988 the 300ZX was a four year old stale design and I had no desire to replace it with the same. One day, while passing the local BMW dealer, I noticed this absolutely gorgeous bright red car on the showroom floor. I had never seen an M3 previously but it was serious love at first sight. Within a few weeks a red M3 with white leather interior and less than 20 miles on the odometer was sitting in my driveway. It took no more than a millisecond behind the wheel to understand why BMWs are such wondeful cars.

As a side note, at the time, I lived in a townhouse and my next door neighbor was salesman at the local BMW dealer. Over the next few days I asked him on at least two occassions what he could do for me, with the clear intention of buying the car from him. On both occassions he refused to give me anything useful and never got back to me with anything specific so I ended up buying the car elsewhere. I will never forget his expression when he first saw the M3 in my driveway. He quickly asked me why I didn't come to him. I politely told him about the two times I did ask him about the car and reminded him he never told me anything specific. The expression on his face was worth a million dollars but I highly doubt he learned anything.

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