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Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
I don't think there is *any* effort within Michelin to have the PSC2 be an SCCA Street Tire class tire. The PSC2 development effort is located in France, and the tire is focused on track/high-end cars as opposed to SCCA autocross. Michelin's effort for street tire class tires is the Rival -- all development and manufacturing of the Rival is here in the USA.
Michelin held a tire clinic in Monterey last week where they stated their intention for the MPSC2 to become the dominant choice for "street tire" classes, and that they will be releasing a wide range of sizes down through 18". They obviously think worldwide, and there are plenty of other time attack classes to go after, but they wanted to be SCCA legal to increase market share.

180 treadwear is entirely arbitrary, as all tire manufactures are gaming TWR in order to stay class legal. The old Sport Cup was 80 treadwear, and Michelin states the new one will last "up to 50% longer". How that equates to more than 2x the TWR I'm not sure, but Hankook and others are using the same math: The RS-3 was 140 TWR, just legal per old SCCA rules, then the rules changed and suddenly a "V2" came out with 200 TWR. If 200 TWR becomes "the number" across multiple classes you'll see many more tires changing TWR, including the PSC2.
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