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My car came with the ccc idrive with the 6.5" flip up screen from the factory. I have now replaced it with the cic idrive with 8.8" screen.

Original 6.5" flip up screen

Original idrive controller

Since my car is a pre facelift there is no faceplates available for the cic so I had to fabricate my own with the buttom of the ccc faceplate and the top of the cic facelift plate... I dont have any pictures of that. But if someone wants to know how I made it. I can maybe explain better if you ask

cic mounted in my car. The cic is script activated so I don't need any chineese navi activator...

New idrive controller

Everything working after coding to the car. Pdc front and back working.

Satelite view in navi

3d buildings in navi

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