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Originally Posted by Texan Engineer View Post
Thought I might make a 2017 update, since I was at the store looking for oil for my BMW and MB, and this thread came up in my research.

German Castrol (GC) appears to be known simply as Castrol EDGE now (same name as the normal US version). BUT it is still the same European formula. Made in Germany, LL-01 approved (also meets MB 229.5, for those who are curious). I found a 1 qt bottle for $8 at my local Wally World, in 0W-40, which appears to be the more common grade these days on our side of the pond?

Also, Mobil-1 0W-40 European Formula has lost its LL-01 rating as of a couple years ago, although it still retains the MB/Audi/Porsche approvals.

For the curious, go read up on BITOG. There are pages and pages of stuff there.

TLDR: GC is now known as Castrol EDGE but look for the "Made in Germany" and "LL-01 " approval. M1 0W-40 is NOT LL-01 approved, but probably still the same stuff maybe.
Locally, Walmart sells 5 quart jugs of LL-01 Castrol Edge 0W-40 for $27, sometimes as low as $23 on sale.