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Are you running a 235 tyre on a 7.5" wheel?

You can run around -2-to -2.2deg of camber with no adverse effects on tyre wear (assuming other parameters are set correctly). handling really benefits from the extra camber as well.

Dinan camber plates and m3 control arms will get you there.
Thanks, yes, 235/40 on a 7.5" wheel. It really only rubs when I turn and go over bumps while in the turn. Straight line there's plenty of clearance between the fender and the tire.I was thinking going to a 35 profile would help, would adding a degree of negative camber make that much of a difference to my problem ?
As for camber plates, what's involved ? Do I need to remove the top mounts and bearing (compress the spring etc) to put the camber plates on or can I just unbolt from the car, drop the suspension away from the mounting point and put the plates on. I figure that the bolts won't be long enough now with the extra thickness from the camber plate. Newbie..... ;-)
drop to a 225 tyre. 235 isn't ideal for a 7.5" rim really needs a 8" rim.

the profile is a percentage of the width so dropping to a 225 will also lower the profile height (even though they're both 40 profile).