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Originally Posted by Reial View Post
Hi all,
I'm hoping you can clear a couple things up for me.
I have an 08 123d with the 3 bar LED rear lights, as shown in the OP. my driver side LEDs are now not working and I've confirmed it's the board as volts are reaching the circuit board, but no light. There fore replacement, right? So I'm taking the opportunity to upgrade to blacklines.

As my car already has LED running lights fed from the second wiring loom, will I need to do any coding with the LCIs? As I assume it should just be plug and play. I do not have Xenons on the front if this affects anything?

The LCI's work for all US cars. Because your car is EU/UK specs... and that you don't have xenons... you might need to upgrade your footwell module(and have it coded). The Blackline's & LCI tail lights need a FR3 module. I suspect yours is a FR1 module. Looking at the ETK(online parts catalog) you also need the wiring harness adaptor...

Blacklines p/n 63212225282
FR3 module p/n 61359263804
harness adaptor p/n 61122219698

IF your car was built after 09/2009 you only need the #282 Blackline tails. IF your car was built before Sept '09 you will need the new footwell module and harness.

Best thing would be to ask a dealer IF you could plug one tail light into your car's wiring harness and see IF the LED tubes light up.

Order the #282 blackline kit - its cheaper than order each tail light separately.