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According to the people i spoke with, people that actually build dedicated track cars for RCN and VLN, as well as customers tuning they are all FOR electric steering. However, when speaking about racing, they all look and grab E36, E46 and E92 M3s NA engines have been proven to have far less issues on track than turbocharged ones. The amount of extra cooling when going racing (not your usual street and fun track car) is a bit crazy. I have seen the F82 M4 run with 2 extra oil coolers (+ factory) during RCN and VLN.

Those diffs can always be upgraded, i mean that is what happens with technology, but everytime i consider to replace my 125i, i keep finding myself looking at E46 M3s, then reality hits me and i smile at the 125i (due to much cheaper running costs for road and track). That S65 V8 is wonderful, but its fuel...on track they run out after 4 laps on Nürburgring (i do 9+ before the warning light comes on). The M2, from what i heard, can do around 6+ laps when pushed hard.

But there is no denying, that the new M cars have a way better base/foundation to start with as any E series cars, from chassis and handling perspective. They are almost "track ready", unless you convert to no interior, cage, racing brakes, suspension etc then cooling should be considered. For dual purpose, get in and drive and they say.
Not disagreeing with you but that would be one complex exercise to get the calibration and programming retrofitted.
Active M Diff:

Imo, this is the best thing about the F series cars.
EPS maybe because less drag on the engine with a belt driven pump? For now, if I had to get a EPS enthusiast car, it'd be a P car. Hope that changes and M philosphy distances itself from the majority of soft consumers