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Originally Posted by duder13 View Post
I don't believe my friend's M2 was tuned, so it was running stock hp, which isn't a ton more than my tuned 135i. Why is the car so much harder on consumption on the track?
Exactly as BAN_M2 said. Your tuned 135i probably has all the safety stuff off like cat protection mode. We don't have EGT, it's calculated from a predefined algorithm, but this mode is not hard to reach and throws the car into 10.8 AFR at WOT. Not saying this applies exactly the same way to the M2 especially considering it has completely different DME (Siemens IIRC), but surely something similar. Also, basic principle is RPMs turns stuff into consumables, including clutches, gearboxes, diffs as well as fuel etc etc THe N55 M2 has a wider powerband and he is probably winding it out to 6500 at least. Whereas our N54 with small turbos and a suboptimal cyl head/cams is no good above 6000 really, especially tuned. The N55 M2 also has shorter gear ratios which will probably result in a higher avg RPM.