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Originally Posted by CarJunkie View Post
Beautiful wheels!

I haven't yet found a need to upgrade the brakes beyond pads (also PFC-08) and stainless lines, even when running a stage 2+ tune. That may change when I go to R-comp tires, probably next year.

I am getting ready to upgrade the radiator, which should prevent any need for more oil cooling. If you are running stock power, I am surprised you are overheating. I never had an issue until I tuned. MHD will allow a lower cooling target which will really put that CSF radiator to work for me and keep everything chill.

I want to get a better seat and harness, but I still plan to drive the car on the street occasionally, so I am not pulling that trigger yet.
I struggle with "Stage1" power and overheating specifically hitting 512 Torque limit which is component protection due to overheating. This coincides with 117C degree coolant temps (and oil around 130C)

One thing to mention, a lot of people compare and gauge the performance of the CSF radiator along with a fresh flush of coolant (duh!). Imo, this skews the comparison. If you've ever seen a modern OEM BMW radiator split, they have a unique design almost like intercoolers with "turbulators/finpacks"., Something I doubt CSF has?

Anyway, gist of it is. A fair comparison of radiator performance would be on fresh coolant or 100% water+corrosion inhibitor if climate allows.