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Originally Posted by pseto View Post
With the lack of success in WEC, why did the M8 get reduced boost and added weight for LeMans? At least BOP kinda helped BMW in IMSA with a few wins, but they kept getting screwed in WEC. It was probably best that they left
BMW has been given some breaks on BoP as well during the 2018/19 season. It goes up and down dependent on the data, and there have been times when they lost weight and were given boost, and then times when they were given added weight and had boost taken away. But to me, BMW knew BoP was going to be part of the game, and it seems like they did not produce a car that had a large enough window so that it could be competitive. There is obviously some sort of inherent flaw in the design because no matter the BoP, the car wasn't competitive. It's just unfortunate and disappointing. BMW is on a downward spiral in the GTE ranks over the last few years (WEC and IMSA) and they can't seem to get it turned around.