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Originally Posted by houtan View Post
Thanks for the posts.

I am 99% sure they are not installed updside down. Based on the fe1rx link, I have mine installed just as the picture in his op.

The excerpt gjm120 posted is for the guide rod, which is gets mounted curve down, but points angled forward sort of. The arm in my pictures that is making contact to the chassis is the wishbone, I believe that should be mounted with the curve side up, which is how I have it.

My car is not that low imo, but the best way to tell the ride height is to look at the pictures in my "garage". My guess is I have a half to one finger gap in the rear.

I do think the bump stop may be to short and I need to add one or two packers to limit travel.
Yeah, every pick I've seen also shows the guide rod curve down and wishbone curve up.

Another consideration is that maybe you have things switched and have the guide rods in the wishbone spot???

As a last resort, you could always consider going back to the stock 135i wishbone that is straight. It has the same bushing/bearing setup as the M3 version, so the only performance penalty is just a little extra weight from the steel vs. aluminum.

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