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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
Makes me wonder what if Senna still alive...what impace he's gonna do with the current Formula world....
ummmm... the way he drove - he wouldn't have been alive even if it's not for san marino.

Depends on how you define fastest. Is it sheer pace or is it race pace? You will have a different list. I don't think you can also define who's the fastest in just the same car either, because I think it also depends on if it's a good car or a crappy one. For example, for the current season, if everyone's driving the Brawn/Red Bull - I would say Kimi would have been the quickest. But if you are talking about a car that's hard to drive - I would say Alonso/Hamilton would be the quickest. There's also the question who's the best racer - guys like Alonso, Heidfield, Hamilton are great racers, but Heidfield doesn't necessarily have good race pace. The other question also is how well they can develop the car as well - it is one of Schumi's and Alonso's ability - despite Schumi having the best car for a number of years, how much has he actually contribute to the car itself? Remember a driver's feedback is crucial in getting the car right.

So rather than listing the fastest - I would include the most valuable drivers first:

1. Alonso - great racer, great pace, able to help develop and setup the car, and able to race with a crappy car.
2. Hamilton - great racer, great pace, great killer instinct
3. Kimi - just sheer pace when the car works for him, good racer as well
4. Vettel - promising signs of great champion in the making - good sheer pace and race pace, showing signs he can setup the car correctly - probably haven't developed his killer instinct yet, and probably not as good as a racer than the others above
5. Button - good at everything and superb in the wet. He is showing what he can do in a quick car.

Fastest Sheer Pace (in a car that is best suited to them)
1. Kimi - enough said
2. Hamilton
3. Alonso
4. Webber - only if he doesn't sleep during the race
5. Trulli

Fastest Race Pace (in a good car)
1. Hamilton
2. Alonso
3. Kimi
4. Button
5. Vettel

Best Racer
1. Hamilton
2. Alonso
3. Heidfield
4. Button
5. Masa

Most Valuable - Recent years - well for all the drivers that I've seen anyway
1. Schumacher - 7 titles, and winning races in both good and bad cars
2. Prost - he always have a good car
3. Senna - extremely quick, too quick for his own good
4. Alonso - time will tell if he's going to be as good as Schumi
5. Mansell - He was winning races, just not titles

Worst driver 08, 09 - Pk - nuff said.
The worst underperformed driver 08,09 - Bourdais - he's in a good car, he should know how to win races, he should start racing and stop blaming. May be he won't get chucked out like Speed.
The Disappointment - Rosberg
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