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Originally Posted by smellthebeans View Post
Loaded with should have seen the Beer run out of Belgium!

We need a hatch or a wagon!
Ohhh, speaking of beer in Belgium, I meant to post this before but here is a post from a friend of mine that recently went there.

^ thread has a lot more pictures, but here is my favorite post.

****** FINAL UPDATE ********

On my last day in Brugge I decided to go try to track down some of the chalices that go with each of the Trappists beers. I went hunting down some of the narrow, winding backstreets and ended up at a little shop that specialized in Belgian beers.

As you can see, they have a couple beers squeezed into the tiny little shop:

In addition to the huge collection of Belgian beers they also had a few of the chalice, so I picked up one from Wetvleteren, Westmalle, and Rochefort.

AND, they also had the one Trappist beer I had not tried yet, the Stift Engelszell. The Stift is brewed at a Monastery in Austria, and is brewed in VERY small numbers. From what I have found online they brew about 1/3 of the volume that Westvletern does (which is hard to even imagine given how difficult Westvleteren is to get). This was the only place I have seen this beer on my trip and it was the only one I was still missing. So of course I bought one.

The biggest issue get getting all of my treasures home to Dublin.......

I wrapped everything in bubble wrap (each beer was wrapped individually, and then placed back into the box, which was then wrapped with 8 layers of bubble wrap, and then wrapped/tuck in clothes in the suitcasses......

This is what it looked like when I got home:

No immediate signed of breakage, no rattling shards of glass, no dripping liquid....

And once everything was unwrapped......

And then inside of the boxes:

So after all, I was able to make it back home with all 19 beers and 3 chalices intact. And I got to try all 8 of the Trappist beers. I'm going to mark this one in the win column.