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..::PSI::.. ActiveAutowerke SIMON Hand Held Programmer!

The Ultimate Hand Held Software Programmer

Conventional software tuning requires the BMW ECU to be shipped to the BMW tuner like Active Autowerke where its modified/uploaded at their facility by their software engineers. Once upgraded, your ECU is then reshipped back to you via Fedex with a minimum downtime. The ECU is then re-installed back into your BMW and then made ready for your driving pleasure. Total down time is minimum three days.

With the SIMON hand held programmer, you become the one uploading the performance software into your own BMW. All that is required is the ownership of the SIMON hand held programmer, a laptop and access to the internet for use of e-mail correspondence.

The SIMON tool will communicate and read the ECU data within your BMW. You then upload this stock data file from thte SIMON tool to your laptop and later submit via e-mail to Active Autowerke your stock ECU data. Once received by Active Autowerke, the performance reflash/upload is created and resent back to you via e-mail. All of this can be accomplished within the same day.

Best of all, there is no down time with your BMW. By reading the stock ECU data through the OBD11 diagnostic port, you are only making a copy of the existing ECU data so your BMW remains intact and can still be driven normally. The benefits are great considering your reside on another continent with a different time zone. Add the possibility of having the package become lost or damage while in transit and the down time of three days or more versus a one day upload when done by yourself.

The SIMON stores both stock and performance files on your personal laptop. This is extremely beneficial if the need arises to revert back to a stock, factory setting. If you are a racer, the SIMON has the capability to store multiple software files like a ** race gas tune ** as well.


Simple, easy installation
Backed with Full Tech support
ECU data is only read, making your BMW downtime non-existent
Software read and upload performed by BMW owner
Software read/upload can be performed within the same day
Eliminate the possibility of a damage or lost to the BMW ECU during freight
Ability to revert back to factory settings anytime
Ability to have multiple software files for uploading


Additional cost involved
Non-transferrable, married to specific BMW when activated


The SIMON tool is ONLY a hand held device enabling you the owner, the ability to upload changes to your BMW software.
For performance software, please contact an Active Autowerke sales consultant on which software is best suited for your particular application.
On models with automatic transmission like SMG, DCT a generic fault code maybe activated. A generic CODE reset tool is recommended to clear this initial fault.

PM me for special forum pricing!