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Arrow ADAC Driver Training - feeler...

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Ok Guys,

I have been talking to the leader of the ADAC driver training center in Nord Bayern. The brand new (15 million euro) driver training test center is located in Schlüsselfeld. That is near Würzburg on the A3 just before the A7 autobahn intersection. Its basically in the middle of Germany.

ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum (FSZ) Schlüsselfeld

We are limited to groups of 12 students and we would use our own cars on thier test track. They have water sprinklers and simulated ice driving and even a skid pad. They also have this cool machine(?) that induces an over steering skid as you drive onto this rug-like device built into the pavement. Well... most of their centers have that machine but I will have to double check on it.

IF we have more than twelve students we could break up into two groups. IF we had less than twelve ADAC would fill the remaining spots with German students. But then the course would be taught in German.

We have the option of doing just one day of driver training or two days. Its just up to us. The school can be heldon a weekend or on a weekday. Weekdays are slightly cheaper.

ADAC could offer us an 1-day-Intenisive-Training for all kind of vehicles. They also have a trainer, who is can train up the participants in English. If we wish a 2-day-Training we could start 1st day Intensive-Training and 2nd day Perfektions-Training. See the ADAC web link bellow for more info. (Sorry, it's only in German).

The cost for both schools would be about 300 euros w/o tax and with the student being an ADAC member (+70 euros per year).

Nothing has been set in stone to date. I have only been talking to the Chef at the Training Center there. I am still waiting to hear back on the prices but they are in the ball park.

So... what do you guys think?

Intensiv-Training and Perfektions-Training

ADAC Pkw-Intensiv-Training

ADAC automobile Intensive Training

Masterful driver / interior wanted! The course for all with high expectations: water-or-the-art air barriers, spin plates and speed measuring equipment. Learn with specially trained instructors new ways. Discover and learn your car with the limits of driving physics.

Are you ready for a new experience?

Training content:

Correct seat position, steering and view art in the slalom course

Various methods of braking alternately catchy and smooth road surfaces

Braking and swerving suddenly appearing obstacles

Cornering the circular path, unlocking the "centrifugal forces"

Testing of countermeasures in the over-and understeer of the vehicle

Addition to the practical driving portion through detailed discussions, eg of various braking methods and questions about the driving physics, eg the effect of ABS and ESP

Psychological issues such as the effects of stress and distraction on the responsiveness of pick up.

Simulation of sudden obstacles by means of water jets or ultra-modern air barriers

To catch a "break" (oversteering) brought by the use of a vehicle skid pad

Use of radio for instant and accurate feedback from the trainer to your driving maneuvers.

Requires a valid driver's license

Duration: 8 hours
Participants: max. 12 people

ADAC Pkw-Perfektions-Training

ADAC automobile Perfection Training

You have already completed an intensive training ADAC - and want more? Higher speeds, more difficult exercises, complete challenges? Then you are exactly right.

The complexity of the exercises here will significantly increase and calls the participants in terms of attention, reaction time and stress management at a high level. Get yourself to your limits - or do you have about no?

Training content:

Refresher of the key skills from the previous training

Increase in difficulty and complexity: you're driving a lane change with unbridled realistic speeds on the surface dynamics

Combined Maneuver "Dodge Brake" at higher speeds.

Requires a valid driver's license; ADAC automobile intensive training that is not returned for more than three years;

Duration: 8 hours
Participants: max. 12 people

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