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New Release: ADV.1 M.V2 Line Up from GMP Performance!!!

Sometimes in life, we must choose between the good looking option or the stronger option. Wheels can be one of those moments.

1-piece forged wheels are known for their strength and excellent performance. They’re lightweight, and the ride quality is a definite advantage. While function is on their side, aesthetically, they’re not the number one choice. Then there’s 3-piece forged wheels. The detailing and design that they have is hard to beat and who doesn’t love having that extra pop on their vehicle. While fashion is on their side, they can be heavier and they’re not as strong as their 1-piece counterparts. It can be a hard decision.

But what if it was one you didn’t need to make? What if there was an option that combined strength with aesthetics, fashion with function, looks with performance?

Thanks to ADV.1 Wheels, now there is. Introducing the 2 Piece Wheel. The M.V2 by ADV.1.

Click on picture for information and pricing about each wheel

Intended for use on today’s high and exotic cars, for owners who drive their cars like they were designed to be driven. The M.V2 Forging configuration by ADV.1 features a revolutionary 2 piece monoblock configuration, developed and engineered in late 2011. The M.V2’s primary focus is to provide a lightweight, forged aluminum, individually engineered to order alternative to the forged monoblock. The M.V2 provides an entirely new look, combining 3-piece versatility with 1-piece performance and ride quality. Finally, enthusiasts seeking both have their answer.

Available for all makes and models in sizes 18.0-22.0 inch diameters with widths ranging from 7.5-13.0 inches.

MV2 Standard:
In Standard form, the M.V2 is similar aesthetically to our monoblocks. In fact, once installed on the vehicle, there really are no major aesthetic differences. Internally, the M.V2 provides a lighter, stronger, and more versatile wheel than its monoblock counterpart while lower in price, faster to produce and offered in a wider range of sizes and profiles.
- hidden hardware
- no back pad cutting (additional $150 pet wheel)
- standard finish: silver (not brushed), gloss black, matte black

The SL option is similar to our previous monoblock SL option, only better. Comparatively, the M.V2 SL feature provides a wheel as much as 30% lighter than its equivalent monoblock option in the same size, style and application. The SL series M.V2 includes standard features such as:
-assembly flange delete
-titanium 2 piece through bolts
-full material reduction back pad pocketing
-reverse lathe pocketing (material reduction behind spokes)
- exposed hardware
- titanium fasteners
- back pad cutting
- standard finish: brushed, silver, gloss black, matte black and gunmetal (not brushed gunmetal)

Intended primarily to provide a wheel with OEM ride qualities and compatibility, improved performance and a more aggressive fitment and overall look. These wheels combine the advantages of all of the ADV.1 forged 1 piece & multi piece forged wheels in one forging configuration.

M.V2 orders are individually engineered and machined to order and can be fully customized with specific fitment specification, custom finishing, race lightening, visible or hidden hardware and more.

1.Two Piece Construction
Combining a 1-piece with our US-made high strength step lip lightweight rim halves. Strong, lightweight, versatile, aesthetically amazing, and competitively priced.
By January 2013, the M.V2 will be available in sizes 18-22 inch diameters/ 7.5-13 inch widths in all 15 current ADV.1 styles. Any offset, profiles from flat to deep concave and individually engineered to order for all vehicle applications and brake profiles.
M.V2 orders are individually engineered and machined to order and can be fully customized with specific fitment specifications, custom finishing, race lightening, visible or hidden hardware, and more.
Intended primarily to provide a wheel with oem ride qualities and compatibility, improved performance and a more aggressive fitment and overall look. These wheels combine the advantages of all of our forged 1 piece and multi piece forged wheels in one forging configuration.

About ADV.1

We developed ADV.1 around design, unlike most who design around the industry. Instead we've made it our goal since day one to always stay true to our passion for design and never allow ourselves to be influenced by trends or competitors. Because of that we've built a product line that shapes and guides the trends and competitors. We only release products that are new and innovative, never adaptations of another existing product no matter how good it may look or how much potential revenue it may generate. Many who have dealt with us know, it's not about the money for us as much as it is the design, quality, and engineering. From a business perspective, sure we can generate more sales, yes we can cease our individualized engineering process in exchange for a template style, more efficient process, and yes we can accept an order for zebra striped wheels instead of deny it, but we won't. Our goal is to remain a design firm, not a high volume, low quality brand that sells to the masses, instead a boutique style automotive design group producing low volume, high quality products for those who have researched their options and know exactly what they want.

We cater to the smallest part of the market, the high end enthusiast. This is who we are, it's what we're passionate about and it's all we know. Rather than cater to a wider range of the market, we prefer this tiny corner where we can deal with customers who speak our language and who feel the same way we do about this. It's not necessarily about the vehicles our customers drive, more about who they are and what they want. Our customers are spread throughout the world, and own any type of vehicles you can imagine from VW's to Enzo's & everything in between. All are treated the same because if they're an ADV.1 customer they share the same passion as we do and that's all that matters. Our wheels are for those few who can appreciate the details, the materials, the finishes and the fitment. To most these details go unnoticed and that's fine, it's not intended for most to notice, only the few who see what we see in design.

Our wheel designs are carefully thought out and meticulously engineered in order to ensure every detail is exactly how it was envisioned. The designs evolve over time as we produce & analyze more and more finished products in order to notate and revise areas that we see can be improved. We design 3 dimensionally, while typically wheel design is only as detailed as a template will allow, instead we design the template around the wheel style and profiles that we want in order to get the exact look desired. Again, from a business perspective not very efficient however we're not trying to be efficient in design. The best way to describe our method would be to simply say that each and every set produced is an entirely new design based on the vehicle, wheel style chosen, sizes requested and profile choice. Based on these factors we'll engineer the wheel specifically for this one individual order so that we ensure that every set released is as good looking as it possibly can be for that exact application in those exact specifications otherwise we simply will not produce the order as we'd rather not have the sale than have a bad looking set of ADV.1's on the street.

Our design.
Our wheels are simple, timeless, and at the same time recognizable in a crowd of other styles. Why? Our wheels aren't designed by a contracted engineer, a hired staff member, or any other type of industrial engineer; they're designed by our company's President, Jordan Swerdloff. What this means is, ADV.1 is not a wheel brand like all the others, making replicas of all the other wheels, instead it's a design company, whose own president is the designer. This isn't something we got into because it looked profitable; it's something we've simply always been. It's similar to an artist painting for profit, mimicking what he or she thinks will sell as opposed to an artist painting for their own enjoyment and from the heart. We've been obsessed with automotive design our whole lives and that's what led us to this business, that's what sets us apart from the others who merely got into this business for other reasons.


1. Hand drawn initial concepts
2. Photoshop mock ups
3. 2d cad layout
4. 3d proofing and revision process
5. test sample programming / machining
6. physical design evaluation / revisions
7. independant testing
8. vehicle installation evaluation
9. final production

The process can take weeks, sometimes months, sometimes it never even materializes. For each of our 10 designs offered today in each of their 5 individual forging configurations, was hundreds of hours of design, engineering and testing before each of their 50 individual releases. It's a never ending process which is constantly evolving over time, our wheels styles slowly change as more and more are produced due to continuous tweaking and modification in search of perfection.

Testing Procedures:
All of our forgings are initially engineered around a certain range of vehicle fitments / load ratings. Normally we design the forging die itself around a 2000lb. per corner load rating umbrella. This means that so long as all wheels using this forging are engineered around the tested / certified material thickness minimums based on the test certification, no further testing is required unless an order violates these guidelines for any reason. To give you an example of this, see diagram below.

For any wheels which do in fact contain material in some areas which is less than the tested / certified guideline minimums, we then use our in house radial fatigue testing equipment. An example of this would be on wheels like our new SL series where they are engineered for the exact vehicle the order is intended for thus the material thickness tolerances may be too conservative for the subject vehicle in question. For example, if we're engineering a set of SL's for an R8 like the schematic below illustrates, the load rating of the vehicle is much less and the necessary material needed for safe use on this vehicle may be much less than the originally tested 2000lb / corner rating. With this being said, we use FEA analysis software to effectively determine the necessary material needed for this car. Once finalized, a physical test wheel is made for destruction testing on our radial and fatigue testing equipment which we've obtained for this exact purpose. Based on the resulting data of the test we then are able to confirm or deny the file which leads to either production of the wheel. revisions to engineering and re-testing, or additional reduction of material in order to further tweak the file for maximum weight reduction.

STL: Standard Testing Labs:
Testing procedures of the initial forging / umbrella certification is done by a company called STL or Standard Testing Labs. This is a US based, independent testing facility which provides multiple types of testing procedures. For each individual test subject a certification outlining the results and details is provided,

To summarize, ADV.1 is essentially hand built for our customers. Our long history and experience will ensure a perfect performance product for each application. Feel confident you are looking at the very best the industry has to offer and we would be proud to welcome you to the ADV.1 family.

Trey @ GMP Performance
Phone: 704-525-0941 x 254