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Monday morning update:

So this weekend I installed the AA Downpipes. The are packaged really well, fast shipping, and a great looking part. They also fit very nicely.

Now, onto the fun stuff. So the o2 sensors are kind of a pita. I just unhooked them up top and underneath and dragged the oem downpipes out o2 sensors and all. I then reinstalled the o2 sensors into the appropriate downpipe and installed the new AA downpipes. Went it smoothly, v-bands are kind of a pain but whatever. Now I have an issue that I think I have the solution to but so far the headache is still there.

I have misfires in cylinders 1-3 with other o2 related codes. Here are the codes: (These are read by an OBDII reader with the jb4 off)

P0301 --> Misfire cyl 1
P0302 --> Misfire cyl 2
P0303 --> Misfire cyl 3
P0305 --> Misfire cyl 5
P0136 --> Oxygen Sensor Malfunction (Bank 2, Sensor 1)
P2197 --> Lean o2 sensor bank 1 and 2? (This one I couldn't find a definitive answer)

So, I talk to the dealer just to go over things and ask about the o2 sensors and connectors. They tell me that the bottom o2 sensors can plug into each other. False. The connectors can not and will not connect because they are indeed different. Next time I have it on a lift I'll snap pictures to prove that. I am thinking the dealer thought I was talking about the o2 sensors themselves and in that case yes, they can each screw into any of the 4 holes. That is true. However, I am positive that the o2 sensors are in the correct physical place.

The last thing to check are the upper o2 connectors underneath the engine cover. However, I didn't see a way that these could possibly be flipped around because one was quite a bit longer than the other, however, I wouldn't be surprised if I could flip these around.

All codes and such happened as soon as the new downpipes were put in so a coincidence in that the injectors/plugs/pump are an issue at the exact same time the downpipes went in (at least in my head) are very slim. Those would be the next place to go in the even the misfires continue.

Any of you technically inclined out there have any ideas? I think I am on a fair path to approach this. I vowed to never seriously modify a vehicle again after the subaru and just with the downpipes I'm already second guessing where I want to go as far as performance with the car. I'll probably call it a day after the jb4/downpipes and a big maybe on the fmic. Just want to get this figured out.

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