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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
You sound like me, we get our tire/suspension sorted and then go and mess with it My stance with my coilovers was perfect initially. Since I've changed tires a few times, had a few alignments and a corner balance, removed some rear weight, etc. Now my front fenders sit a couple of mm lower than my front tires whereas I guess my rear fender lip is 5-10 mm above my current tires.

First off, I'm shocked to hear that S-Drives came in a 235/30/19. I've only seen like one 245/30/19 and most tires don't even come in 255/30/19.

My rear 255/30/19 PSS's arrived at Discount Tire today for install tomorrow. Our wheels have similar specs (mine are listed in my sig) but it sounds like you've had more issues than I have had so maybe you are a little lower, a little less cambered (I'm right at 2deg camber each side front and rear), or maybe the tires you've used are just that different.

My front offset is 7 mm less aggressive than yours but I've had 225/35 Falkens and Nittos that basically did not rub unless I kinda went up a bump aggressively while turning. I'm not close to needing new fronts, but when I do I plan 225/35/19 PSS's. I bet it will rub about like my Toyo 235/30s did, which was tolerable.

I initially had some rear Hankooks 245/35s that rubbed even after my aggressive roll, mainly with passengers or over bumps at speed. I kinda pulled the fenders more where needed while I had those tires. Next I removed my rear seat and switched to 255/30 Toyos and I never rub in the rear now. Actually I have so much space that it kinda looks bad so I want a "bigger" tire anyways. I still bet the PSS's will rub. If they rub too much I'll add some camber and I'm due for a lightweight battery soon also.

Somehow my rear Toyos lasted 35k miles but I'm traction challenged even with my LSD, especially when my tires are cold.

I'm very excited to see what happens tomorrow.
Hahaha yes! We must be twins separated at birth, since most people would wanna STOP messing around once they found something that finally works. The grip on the PSS is just too tempting to pass up, though!

I'm honestly not sure where the yokos came from. I bought the wheels and tires as a set, already mounted and balanced. To make them work for our 1ers we definitely have to go looking for all the weird tire sizes. I'm honestly more surprised the PSS come in that size, though! I wish they came in 245/30 though so I don't have this dilemma with the 245/35 vs 255/30, but considering you have the same spec wheel in back and making things work, I'm hopeful as well. I am running about -1.8/1.9 degrees camber all around at this point, so that's also close to you.

That's interesting your falkens and nittos didn't rub. In my head, the yokos should run thinner like they do, but maybe that's not the case. Then again your offset is just a bit "better" and I barely rub so that 7mm might make all the difference in the world haha.

BUT I really wanna hear your impressions on the mixed tires. I was thinking of throwing in kumho ecsta LE's in front in the 215 size while upgrading the back to PSS, but I don't want the handling to turn to shit or become unpredictable. I usually don't go crazy on public roads, but the area I live in has some windy backwoods roads that I let loose on sometimes when coming home later at night, and I just don't want to be riding on an accident waiting to happen if the kumhos can break free much earlier than the PSS, even if they're both "max performance". Also, obviously please let me know how the PSS in back work out in that size! I am very close to ordering but it's still a little cold up north so I have a couple of weeks before the summer wheels go on.

I'm not in a position where I can remove the rear seats, and I got a meth tank and pump weighing me down slightly as well in back, but if I can get PSS that rub very minimally back there, I think I would be finally set!

Please let me know and good luck! I'm excited for you!

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